Floodgate Vineyard

4035 Westside Rd.


Imagine… Sitting around the table drinking wine after a delicious dinner. Getting cozy on the back deck, enjoying more wine on a beautiful warm summer night on the Russian River. Moonlight beaming down. You and great friends, smoking incredible cigars, and sampling a lot of fantastic wines. Lots and lots of wine. And lots and lots more wine. (The “lots of wine” part is integral to the story).

That is how cigarBQ® got its start. And it took lots and lots of wine for us to actually conceive that a cigar event would ever happen in California. And lots and lots more wine to believe we were the ones to do it. And lots and lots of hard work and cooperation from the community to achieve this labor of love.

And cigarBQ® is for lovers…
Wine lovers, food lovers, music lovers, fun lovers, and cigar lovers.

We began in 1998 with about 75 attendees, 10 wineries, 1 cigar company, and 2 breweries. This year, we expect another sold out event. We have more than tripled our local and national sponsorships.

Most importantly, we have donated thousands of dollars to local charities with funds raised from ticket sales, and the generosity of all of the suppliers that sponsor the event.

cigarBQ® is a most memorable day filled with friends, fun, frolic, and fantastic.

Those who have been to cigarBQ® know, and we’ll see you there. Those who have yet to experience the event, man, you are in for an incredible time.

Hans Dippel
Executive Director, cigarBQ®

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