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Press Release July 27, 2009

Press Release May 2012



Casey W. Yuma, AZ 12/28/2010 ss

This is one of my favorite places to stop by when I visit my family in Sonoma County. There are always unusual and delicious wines on the list, and my favorite part of the experience is the atmosphere. It's a lovely environment, and everyone behind the counter is always friendly and professional. Looking forward to returning again soon!


Elizabeth S. Bristol, VA 10/4/2010 ES

Cellars of Sonoma is a tasting room in the Railroad District of Santa Rosa, CA that represents family-owned, small-production Sonoma County wineries. However, upon entering, it feels more like a bar/restaurant, as they also sell their wines by the glass, you can order food from one of the nearby restaurants and they'll deliver, and there is often entertainment.  The atmosphere is friendly, comfortable, casual, and fun. Add Cellars of Sonoma to your next visit to Sonoma County.

Mimi T. San Francisco, CA 9/27/2010 MT

I made a spontaneous trip here over the weekend. When we arrived we were the only patrons inside..but the place quickly filled up. Matt gave me an overview of the cellar and some of its notable vinyards..and we got down to business and began our tasting. The Du Nah sauvignon blanc was refreshing to start with. We then progressively made our way to the reds. Tasted quite a number of their wines..and my favorite was a Pinot Noir from Du Nah.
It was wine tasting in a very chill environment. They even let us order food from Jackson's to complement the wine.
Such a great discovery and definitely worth the drive.

4/1/2012 Allison M. San Francisco, CA    s


This place was definitely a little gem in down town Santa Rosa.  A fancy gem- seemed to fancy for college students, and people like me. But hey, when you need a gift bottle of wine, you need a gift bottle of wine. Bottles were pricy, running around $30 on the low end. I guess I might sound cheap, but you're talkin' to a gal who loves the $7 Trader Joe's French wines... so... yeah.  

The lady who helped me was so great and knowledgeable, and let me taste the two wines between which I was torn. All in all, a cool venue. I don't plan on being back in Santa Rosa any time soon, but if I find myself here again, I'd come have a glass!